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The studio behind the animated cartoon "TEAM SUPREME."



Team Supreme   is an animated series about a group of super friends who have both special needs and special powers!

Team Supreme is an animated series about a group of super friends who have both special needs and special powers!


"Dr. Jackson"

Dr. Jackson has the mind most geniuses dream of. His passion for science reveals his patience and his willingness for greatness is delivered through his children. After his wife passed, he began to suffer from depression. He is the wealthiest person in the world, and has chosen to adopt these children, as it was something him and his wife wanted.



11, An honest, and straight forward young boy who is born with autism. The older brother of Sweet P, he has exceptional skills, known as Splinter Skills. His mind is very advanced, and he uses this to his advantage.



12, A young girl born with albinism. She can completely disappear and become totally unnoticed. This is because the pigment in her skin allows her to become one with her environment.



12, Li was born blind, but that doesn't stop her from fighting crime. She is extremely quick, and all of her other senses have been enhanced due to Cross-Modal Neuroplasticity, which is when the brain is deprived of input from one sensory modality, that it is capable of reorganizing itself to support and augment other senses.


"Sweet Pea"

8, One of the youngest out of the team, but you couldn't tell. She's the younger sister to Zeek, and a cancer survivor, so her abilities are without a doubt mind boggling. She has the strict ability to use a pulse and use her inner thoughts to shake and move matter. Dr. Jackson was able to save Sweet Pea, but the gift also came with a curse, because it took her mother away. Zeek is very overprotective of her.



9, A young boy with a thin frame, he was born with polio and is paralyzed from the waist down, but feels invincible. When not playing video games, or googling weird science films, Mech can be found in his high tech robotic machine. This machine is his legs outside of his wheelchair, and allows him to see everything. When he enters this large apparatus, he is more than 10 feet tall, and 6 feet wide. "It's just like playing a video game", he says.



7, Thumper has never heard the sound of birds singing, nor the roar of a lion. Born with no hearing, he uses sign language to communicate. The other children know sign language because of Thumper, and it comes to them extremely easy. Although he is the youngest of the team, he is not to be mistaken for the weakest. He's the strongest of the group and has enhanced peripheral vision as well. (Cross-modal neuroplasticity)



13, Shock was hit by a drunk driver when he was 5 and had to have his arm amputated from the elbow down. Shock is able to attach a robotic arm to his elbow which lets him spray a cannon, and other fun things. If overused, Shock has a side effect known as Phantom Pain, which doesn't allow him to use his cannon too long.


Mech's Robot

Standing at over 10 feet high, and 6 feet wide, this huge machine gives Mech his legs. It is big, strong, powerful, and can fly, but unlike any of these machines, it needs to be charged.