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Team Supreme

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Team Supreme

Team Supreme is about a group of pint-sized kids who all have a medical difference, but also have superpowers!


"Dr. Jackson"

- Dr. Jackson is a brilliant doctor who founded the secret Team Supreme program.

- Biological father of Zeek and Sweet Pea.

- Living with Epilepsy



- Zeek is the main character, and is an honest, and straightforward young boy was born with Autism.

- He has trouble engaging sometimes in social interactions, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want friends. He is fascinated with all puzzles, codes, and ciphers. Most things are black and white for him, true or false; making ambiguous decisions challenging.

- Superpower: Extreme Memory and intellect. Solves puzzles, and his mind sees everything in detail, which sometimes leads to sensory overload and he needs to take a break.



- Li is a witty, Asian American girl who was born blind.

- Superpower: She is extremely quick, and all of her other senses have been enhanced due to Cross-Modal Neuroplasticity, which is when the brain is deprived of input from one sensory modality, that it is capable of reorganizing itself to support and augment other senses. Super Smell, and enhanced senses that are used to find things, and people.


"Sweet Pea"

- Sweat Pea is the youngest out of the team, but you couldn’t tell. She’s Zeek’s little sister.

- She has Sickle Cell disease which is caused by a mutation in her red blood cells that cause her red blood cells to change its shape into a ‘sickle’. This can cause a lot of muscle pains and at times can be unbearable without medication.

- Superpower: “Melting others hearts.” She can manipulate minds to make any adult or child more loving, understanding, and humble.



- Mech was born with Spina Bifida, which is a malformation of the spinal cord. This spinal cord abnormality is the reason why he cannot walk.

- Superpower: When not playing video games, or googling weird science films, he loves to build gadgets. These inventions, robots, and devices help the Team Supreme crew fight against their enemies.



- Thumper was born prematurely without the ability to hear. He is fascinated with bodybuilding and hip-hop. That’s right, hip-hop music. Even though he can’t hear it, he can feel the vibrations (vibe).

- Superpower: Synesthesia, the power to see sound. He can feel vibrations and visualize conversations and impending danger.



- Anika is an amazing therapist who helps Dr. Jackson with the kids. She loves teaching, and assisting them while they are fighting crime.