Team Supreme


It all started when...

I had an idea to create something that has never been done.  I wanted to create characters with an amazing, compelling story that was also cool enough to where the kids could not only relate to these characters, but also like and appreciate them.  Team Supreme is the first cartoon about kids with special needs who also have Super Powers!  The main character "Zeek" has autism.  Team Supreme is more than just a cartoon, it's also a brand for people all over the world to believe in themselves, no matter their look, religion, color, ideas, etc...  Let's make the world a better place because we are ALL Team Supreme.  Let's GoOO!!!



Born with autism spectrum, Zeek is the leader of Team Supreme.  He sees life differently than most people and is very meticulous.



Shock is the oldest on the team and is an amputee.  The cannon on his arm is interchangable.



Li is blind.  She uses her impeccable hearing to take care of the bad guys.



Thumper is deaf, and also born premature.  As a child, he was put on steroids, making him the smallest and the strongest.


Sweet Pea

This little cutie was born with cancer inherited from her mother, but she is now cured of it.  Her mother passed away giving birth to her.  Sweet Pea is also the younger sister of Zeek.


Red Angel

Red was born with albinism.  She can disappear into thin air.

Jackson Character LineupWEB.jpg

Dr. Jackson

Top Medical Doctor and Science guru, he's the father of Zeek and Sweet Pea.  After his wife passed away from cancer, Dr. Jackson adopted the other children.  He suffers from depression.


Jaiden Farrell

Jaiden Farrell is seen here as Zeek from Team Supreme! Jaiden has Autism just like Zeek.  

Shekira Farrell

This amazing artist, and person saw Team Supreme and made her son look just like Zeek! This is what Team Supreme is all about. Inspiring the masses.

William Sebastian Gresham

William is also Team Supreme!